Saturday, July 8, 2017



How can I combine these things?

I know! 
I'll create an event that involves cake & coffee but with a THEME so I have to buy fabric and make something special for it!!!


I LOVE PLAID. You can NEVER own too many Pendleton 49er jackets in my opinion.

Plaid, Tweed, Tartan, Checks... love it.

So, stuff it....
 I organised a lunch date for me & about 20 of my lady loves with the theme being 

I was fangin to sew up Simplicity pattern 8251.  

THOSE POCKETS!!!!! (shoplifting pockets I call them)

Remind me never to sew this pattern in checks/plaid again. 
I just could NOT get the checks to line up. DROVE ME NUTS!!!

I also changed the skirt so the buttons didn't go into it and were only in the blouse.  
I made it out of el-cheapo flannel fabric from Spotlight.

I booked us into Eclectea at Brighton. 

I had been there for coffee before and it is so cute.
It is a coffee shop/ cafe / vintage antique bric-a-brac shop... EVERYTHING I LOVE!!!

One by one the dames rocked up and all had embraced the theme and looked freaking amazing and beautiful. But when so they not?
(Special shout out to Kimmy-Dee in her INCREDIBLE Ralph Lauren jacket. SWOON)

Well, the food was delicious. Even though it was 11 o'clock a lot of us opted for the all-day brekkie menu because... HALOUMI AND POACHED EGGS ON SOUR DOUGH !!  
And of course, I had to have the slice of lemon meringue pie (my favourite!) that was as big as my head and so so good.

pie, coffee and the bag I bought in the shop there

The food turnaround was pretty good considering they had a mass order all at once and the staff (especially Troy and the owner Ginny) were just so lovely and friendly.  The place has the perfect atmosphere for a catch up and it was a glorious day outside too.  
AND I BOUGHT THINGS (of course you did Vicki, of course you did)

I was also stoked to find that the big salon type window offered the PERFECT frame & lighting for photos of our damn super model stunning gal friends!

All in all it was a wonderful day.  Everyone is so busy, working and stupid adulting that it's hard to find time to stop and chillax and have a natter. So I like organising things that allow everyone to catch up at once. (and an excuse to get frocked up of course!)
These gals just fill my heart up with so much love and laughter and they are better than ANY medicine in Terry White.

Daisy the Dachshund was a huge hit too.

I highly recommend Electea for brekkie or lunch or coffee and cake.  If it is a sun shiney day sitting outside is just beautiful. And on Sundays from about 3 they have an open mic for singers and guitar players.  Awesome!!

15 Gladstone Street Brighton QLD
Originally the post office and corner store -our shop is full of gorgeous things to buy and admire, whilst enjoying organic coffee and specialty tea's, local, GF & organic, cruelty free and free range, breakfast lunch and some dinners. It's a place that takes you back in time, where you can relax and enjoy a cuppa in real china with real tea pots - all whilst taking in the view to beautiful Bramble Bay.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Meet n Greet with Gertie

Sorry about the late post but life has been caaaarrrraaaazzzzeeee. 
I won't get into it now but I am about to embark on a new journey. Oooooooooo.



The vintage sewing circles were a flurry with excitement with news that THE Gertie would be travelling the hellish 16 hour plane trip Down Under to promote her new line of fabrics at Spotties.

OK I hear some of you yowl "Who the heck is this Gertie woman?"

Oh..... only the writer of the successful blog Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing that has like 50 gazillion followers, the writer of not one but THREE fantastic sewing books (yes I have all three)
, designers of gorgeous vintage patterns for Butterick (yes I own most of them) and creator of a stunning line of vintage inspired fabrics...... THAT'S ALL !!!!

I almost peed my beige seam frees in excitement when the wonderful Kristina from Needlefruit Sewing Lounge invited me to come along to an intimate meet n greet with Gertie.

The night was held that  Needlefruit at the Gap and it was just the BEST NIGHT.


I was nervous about meeting Gertie because I was intimidated by her incredible beauty and well, freaking amazing success but ...... dammit.......she was just so gosh darn lovely and sweet.  

During the night she chatted to us all and had a Q&A session about what's next for her 
(SPOILER - Her own line of patterns called CHARM PATTERNS BY GERTIE), more fabric designs, more tutorials and maybe even another book! PHEW!!

My date for the night - Susan

I had to admire her patience as we were like a interrogation mob firing questions at her like machine gun. But she was the ultimate lady and answered all of our questions with a beautiful smile and openness.

She went through her garments and verbally deconstructed them to show us how they were made and what notions she uses . eg horse hair braid and steel boning. 
I stood there like a doofus with my mouth a gape. 
I am the world LAZIEST sewer and so the thought of going to all that effort was mind numbing to me.  

It was such a wonderful atmosphere to be surrounded by like-minded people.  People who are passionate about creativity. People who are passionate about individuality. People who are addicted to purchasing insane amounts of fabric with no hesitation. Everyone was commenting about how lovely it was to be able to chat to others who 'get it'. The whole WHY DO YOU SEW?  Even though we didn't physically do it.... (might have been a bit awkies)... the room felt like one big group hug.

Everyone was so lovely and friendly and funny. I also got to meet some of my Facebook group (THOSE DARN SEW AND SEWS) members which was freaking awesome!!!!

 It became very obvious to me early on that I was definitely the least experienced sewer in the room and I was in the company of some VERY experienced dressmakers.  I hung my head in shame when I learned that I didn't know use LAP ZIPS in my sewing. The shame of it.  However, I was directed to some great youtube lap zip tutorials so that is about to change people.

At one stage a group of us were all around the table each comparing notes on the best way to gather 6 metres of fabric so it is even and you don't get RSI within half an hour.

Kristina and her husband were just the most wonderful hosts and Needlefruit is a lovely sewing space for classes. I am SEW (see what I did there) jealous of their sewing space. Oh that cutting table is to die for!

I must hand it to Gertie. This is quite the whirlwind tour of 'Strayla and by jingies I don't know how she does it.  I'm sure by the end of her trip, if she wasn't already famous in Australia she will be a Goddess now.  

I'm sure she must be sick to bloody death of having photos taken with people .... 
or in my case me whining to her "Gertie Gertie Gertie just one more selfie. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese"
She posed with everyone (looking breathtaking) and everyone was beside themselves with excitement and fan-girling.

Thank you Gertie for venturing all the way down the bottom of the planet to share your dreams and success and tips with us.  You are one of the most down to earth beautiful people I've met.

We hope you come back again one day.

Just not in Summer. It's just unbearable hot. In case you didn't already know